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The biggest refit in the clubs history has posed some challenges but we are pretty sure we have nailed it!

People rightly expect to be wowed when they walk through the doors of the club after a refurbishment and we are pretty sure that this is exactly what we have achieved with this build.

I have heard regulars dubbing past refits as 'just paint jobs' (hence the name of the launch campaign) however this goes far beyond anything we have ever done.

The layout of Mission 1 will be completely different as we make structural changes that will really make you feel like you’re in a different club. We are moving away from 'black paint' with some seriously random finishes and decoration throughout the whole venue and the latest lighting technology is being introduced into the main room in the shape of a full LED ceiling containing over fourteen thousand LED's.

Now, the one thing that everyone moans about in Mission is the toilets which have had their own design team work on them for the past few months. The newly located loos are pretty special and to be honest my favourite bit of the whole project.

Along with the new look club comes a new weekly event for Saturday nights that I'm also really excited about! We’re running from 11pm right through to 8am every Saturday.

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